Wednesday, April 2, 2008

My Car

I think i bought my car on year 2004. Waa by this was 4 years i'm using my car... What most i liked my car is about color itself... When we wash the whole body, the color is quite killer..

24th April 2008
My tyre was puncture. again. I've changed already. I took second hand which is RM 40 something. Do balancing + alignment and pump in gas into my tyre... it cost me RM 120 something..pergh..

Other Problems:
1. Bearing air cond compressor
2. Absorber per unit cost me 85 rm + wages is about RM 35. Total RM205.00


Right now.. my car is having certain minor problems. It was:

  1. Car lock - at co pilot location which is cannot lock down using central lock
  2. Glass window - at co pilot cannot go up after down and also same at back of co pilot.
  3. Compressor bearing sounds funny which is like something not in the line.
  4. Gear - hard to lock to gear 1.
  5. Tyre - should do balancing and alignment.
  6. Crack - at boot ( on co pilot side )

And i dream to upgrade on my car at entertainment side, which is:

  1. MP3 car audio system
  2. sub woofer to have boom boom impact
  3. Power amp.
  4. Plus .. i want something like pict below. Question : How much & where i can find it.

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