Friday, January 16, 2009


Apa itu polisi

A policy is a rule made up and enforced by people in authority to control the behaviors of other people in their:
- Family (family policy)
- Work Places (hospital policy)
- City, State or Country (public policy)

Generic Policy Making Process

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policy analysis

  • about researching problems, providing relevant data and information and proposing realistic policy options and recommendations
  • It ensures that decision makers are well informed and can choose from several potential solutions that have been researched thoroughly.
“The process through which we identify and evaluate alternative policies or programmes that are intended to lessen or resolve social, economic or physical problems” (Carl V. Patton)

What is policy?

  • Policy is a document on which is expressed an official statement that conveys what is to be done about a particular matter
  • Policy is the legitimation of values

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